A sharper design, boosted efficiency and extensive set of standard features – those are the key characteristics of the new Porsche Cayenne S. As a sports car among sport utility vehicles, besides offering five seats and extensive high-end features, it primarily offers a lot of room for a lot of driving fun. And of course with high performance and typical Porsche design DNA.

Cayenne S

Porsche designers have given the new Cayenne a sharper and clearer design. The front plays a decisive role in shaping the overall look, especially with the wider bonnet and air inlet designs. With bi-xenon main headlights that come standard in the Cayenne S, the four-point LED daytime running lights typical of Porsche clearly identify the new Cayenne as a Porsche at first glance. Similarly, the rear brake lights also share this four-part design, and the new tailgate takes up the shape of the rear lights and continues via a precise horizontal light-refracting edge. In addition, the exhaust tailpipes are now integrated in the lower rear panel and feature a double-pipe design.

Porsche Cayenne S Performance

Increased performance and torque coupled with lower fuel consumption: this is no contradiction for Porsche. The new generation of the Cayenne S shows improved performance figures as well as better fuel economy with the 3.6-litre V6 twin turbo, an engine fully developed by Porsche. The power output has increased to 420 hp and the torque has increased to 550Nm, while fuel consumption has fallen to less than 10 liters per 100 kilometers.


Porsche engineers also paid great attention to details. The developers have increased the spread between comfort and sportiness even further – in every variant: with steel suspension, Porsche Active Suspension Management or air suspension. More standard equipment is also offered including the bi-xenon headlights, plus further equipment such as an automatic tailgate, a multifunction sports steering wheel including shift paddles, stainless steel door sills, a tire pressure monitoring system and an audio interface.

The Cayenne made the idea of a sports car in the SUV segment a reality. Commute to work today and drive off-road or on the racetrack tomorrow – the Cayenne offers ambience, precision and driving pleasure on every terrain.

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